Is THIS the Fastest Path to 100 Followers on Medium?

Let’s support each other and grow together…

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Recently, I got back to writing on Medium — only to find out I got kicked off the Partner Program due to not having 100 followers. And to be honest with you… it hurt a bit.

Not because it will ruin me financially (I never made much money on here), but because I love writing, and I got published in some of the biggest publications before such as Ascent and Curious. How is that not enough, Medium?!

But instead of whining or complaining — I got to work. I published and submitted some more, supported other writers… all the good stuff. I will actually have my first article published in Better Humans later today. Woohoo!

Still, I’m only at 59 followers at the time of writing this article. So I looked into the latest tricks and tactics for gaining more followers, and what I found was so heartwarming that I have to share it — and test it out at the same time.

The Fastest Path to 100 Followers?

Apparently, the fastest way to hit the 100 follower mark is for us to simply support each other — by joining forces with other up-and-coming writers, and following each other.

That’s why, if you type “100 followers” in the Medium search, you will find countless articles popping out. Some of them are just general tips for growing on Medium — but most are simply articles promoting this follow-for-follow method.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Write a comment on this post where you briefly describe yourself and what you write about. That way anyone reading this can give you a follow, and you can return the favor.
  2. I will personally follow every person that interacts with this post and/or follows my profile — meaning you will have a minimum of one new follower as a result of this.

Ideally, we can keep this going indefinitely into the future, so that we can all grow together and build a community of aspiring writers. Hopefully, you will also find cool people to connect with, get inspired from, and support each other by reading each other’s articles, clapping, commenting, and so on…

However, I do believe in quality over quantity. If the topics I write about (self-development, mindset, entrepreneurship, productivity…) do not interest you, don’t feel pressured.

I hope to make this a win-win for everyone involved. Looking forward to connecting with you and reading your work!

— Dan



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